Breast cancer genome sequencing
Discovery of novel gene mutations

Breast cancer xenografts
Pre-clinical models of breast tumour biology and drug response

Cancer epigenetics
Investigation of non-sequence changes to tumour cell DNA

Characterisation of normal and cancerous mammary stem cells
Discovery of genes involved in stem cell proliferation and differentiation

Genetic heterogeneity within breast tumours and single cell genomics
Identification and characterisation of tumour cell subpopulations

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells
Development of novel methods to help move iPS cells into the clinic

Mammographic density and columnar cell lesions of the breast
Investigation of the connection between common breast cell abnormalities and the higher risk of tumour development in dense breast tissue

Molecular classification of breast cancer subtypes

Screening the human genome for genes involved in breast cancer
Discovery of novel gene-gene and gene-drug interactions