Graduate Student Position – Lin Lab

Graduate Student Position at the British Columbia Cancer Research Centre, Vancouver, Canada

One graduate student position is available starting September 2019 at the Department of Molecular Oncology, BC Cancer Research Centre for the development of novel radiopharmaceuticals for detection and radiotherapy of cancer. The graduate student candidate will register through the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program (, University of British Columbia, and pursue either an MS or a PhD degree.

The student candidate will conduct research on the design and synthesis of imaging probes and radiotherapeutic agents targeting biomarkers overexpressed in cancers. Research activities will involve the production and isolation of radioisotopes, peptide and multi-step organic synthesis, and radiolabeling small molecules, peptides and antibodies with imaging or radiotherapeutic isotopes.

Qualified candidates should have a bachelor degree preferably in chemistry with interests in organic or medicinal chemistry. The ability to conduct research in a collaborative environment is required including good oral and written communication skills in English. For more information regarding application for the Interdisciplinary Oncology Program, please check the following website:

Before applying, interested student candidates should first contact:
Dr. Kuo-Shyan Lin
Senior Scientist, British Columbia Cancer Research Centre