David Huntsman’s lab studies genetic predisposition to ovarian cancer. This research focuses on understanding the molecular differences between the different ovarian cancer subtypes, which will hopefully lead to more specific treatments. Recently, Dr. Huntsman headed the research group that discovered a new mutation in a gene called FOXL2, which appears to be responsible for the development of granulosa cell tumours of the ovary.

Dr. Huntsman has active research programs in the development of predictive and prognostic tissue based cancer biomarkers of hereditary gastric cancer and a wide variety of other tumor types. His team created a blueprint for subtype specific ovarian cancer control and have been leaders in the application of novel genomics technologies to ovarian cancer. Dr. Huntsman happily leads and engages in a wide number of multidisciplinary research groups. Most recently he has been working with Professor Pieter Cullis on the creation of broad based personalized medicine initiative for British Columbia.