Breast Tumour Bank

Outcomes linked frozen breast tumour bank

The  Department of Molecular Oncology hosts the breast cancer tumour tissue repository (BREAST-TTR), a project within the agency-wide tumour tissue repository. The BREAST-TTR comprises several important banks of breast tissues, contemporaneous as well as archival. The main banks are:

3000 frozen breast cancers, linked to 15 year outcomes data from the Breast Cancer Outcomes Unit at the BC Cancer, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority. This archival bank consists of frozen tissue, DNA and RNA, and a tissue microarray of the cases.

Live-cryopreserved cancers. At present around 50 individual cases of metastatic breast cancer, with tumour material cryopreserved for subsequent cell culture/xenograft work.

Comptemporary bank. Between the TTR in Victoria and the accrual site in Vancouver, approximately 1300 contemporaneous (within last 4 years) breast cancers with matched normal DNA and outcomes linkages.

Recent related publications from the Department of Breast and Molecular Oncology

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