The BC Cancer Research Institute (BCCRI) and Centre for Advancing Health Outcomes have signed a memorandum of understanding that will see the two organizations work closely and collaboratively to support clinician–scientists across BC in their clinical trials research.

For many years, BC has attracted world-class researchers and key scientific leaders across a wide range of disease areas and health-related methodologies. Despite this wealth of talent and scientific productivity, BC lacks a cohesive, province-wide infrastructure to support this work. To bridge this gap, Advancing Health and BCCRI, who together support the largest number of academic investigator-initiated trials in the province, have committed to collaborate to provide efficient, seamless support for grant-funded trials.

“The goal of this partnership is to improve our provincial capacity to support academic clinical trialists,” said Dr. Aslam Anis, Director of Advancing Health. “Clinician–scientists in BC currently face a profound administrative burden when embarking on trials. We aim to streamline the launch and operation of trials by building and leveraging the existing capacity of the expert staff at our organizations, sharing and establishing best practices, and coordinating our research services.”

The collaboration between the two organizations will see enhanced shared capacity for database development, statistical support, data management, auditing and regulatory compliance, grant support, finance, and other areas.

This relationship will not only leverage the collective expertise and experience of the organizations to improve support capacity, it aims to provide clinical trialists with the ability to implement innovative approaches and access partnerships not previously available.

“Collaboration and united purpose are central to the success of the research community at BC Cancer,” said Dr. François Bénard, Senior Executive Director of Research, BC Cancer. “Our partnership with Advancing Health will allow us to expand capacity to support clinical trial participation, a key priority in B.C.’s 10-year cancer action plan, by providing greater support for investigator-initiated clinical trials across the province.”

In the months to come we look forward to realizing our shared vision of a unified support system for clinical trials to grow BC’s research capacity. We have the minds, we have the talent, and now we will have an environment built for collaboration.

BC Cancer Research Institute (BCCRI) transforms the lives of patients in BC through world-class cancer research. The BCCRI, part of the Provincial Health Services Authority, is a UBC-approved research institute.

The Centre for Advancing Health Outcomes (Advancing Health) is a collaborative group of multidisciplinary researchers and expert staff committed to influencing change and improving patient care and health systems by empowering decision-makers to find positive, evidence-based solutions to existing health challenges.

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