User Fees

The user fees for accessing the inventory are calculated based on the costs of biobanking modified by several factors including the number of cases and amount of biospecimen and extent of data requested. Discounts are applied to these costs for researchers supported by academic funding. 

To see how costs are calculated visit the user fee calculator.

An estimate can be provided based on your completed application request.  User fees for services including performing prospective custom collections are determined on a per study basis.

BBRS User Fees Example

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Access Timelines

Timelines are influenced by the level of biospecimen or data complexity within each study supported.  

Factors include how promptly each step of the application process is completed and the complexity of the cohort or study selection criteria.

A time estimate can be provided based on your completed application Particular complexities exist with certain biospecimen formats that may require extra time to access and process. The complexity of the data fields requested may require extensive chart review and this can also extend the time to complete.

BBRS Access Timelines Example Diagram

Quality Measures

The BBRS is a CTRNet certified biobank with that operates with a commitment to quality. 

CTRNet has implemented a biobank certification program based on a standard defined in a set of required operational practices (ROPs) for biobanks that is aligned with the International Society of Biological and Environmental Repository (ISBER) Best Practices. 

Biospecimen Quality 

Ongoing quality management is an essential part of biobank operations and the creation of high quality biospecimen resources. Dedicated BBRS staff carry out all activities 

Pre and post-acquisition variable are collected. 

All collected cases are verified with a pathologist and storage equipment is maintained regularly and monitored 24/7. 

Inventory is maintained using the ATiM database management system that incorporates national standards.  


All BBRS staff members are qualified personnel with formal training in medicine, pathology, sciences, computer science or nursing. Each staff member has completed training under the CTRNet Biobank Certification program as well as formal review when hired on BBRS policies and standard operating procedures. Polices, Standard Operating Procedures and Guides are available to any staff member. Formal consent training and biospecimen processing training is available to staff depending on their role.  

Clinical Data

The BBRS can provide data with various levels of detail.
(Please note that the BBRS does not provide data on ethnicity or family history.)

Basic Data:

Includes a minimal dataset with information from our biospecimen and clinical inventory management system (e.g. diagnosis, days from diagnosis to surgery, pre-analytical variables and tumour group).

Complex Data:

Includes a detailed dataset with information from our biospecimen and clinical inventory management system and linked data from the patient clinical chart (e.g. outcomes data such as recurrence or death, simple yes/no treatment data, detailed diagnosis information such as stage and grade).

Extensive Data:

Includes an extensive dataset with variables not routinely collected by our inventory management system and would require manual extraction of data from the patient chart (e.g. radiation therapy dosages).


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